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Support IRQR for its Fieldwork in Turkey in February 2016

Summary: IRQR is planning to have its next fieldwork in Turkey to support Iranian LGBT refugees who are waiting for resettlement and need your support.

Time: February 2016
Duration of fieldwork: 10 days
Places: Denizli and Eskisehir in Turkey
Number of beneficiaries: 230

1) Why are we doing this fieldwork now?
2) Why are we doing this work in the two locations you identified?
3) What is the expected outcome of this fieldwork?
4) Why should IRQR be the organization that does this work?

In February 2015, IRQR, with support from the Canadian Government, conducted workshops in Turkey to strengthen the knowledge shared throughout the underground queer railroad and to strengthen the LGBT Iranian activist network. Participants did not have the opportunity to express themselves and speak out about their challenges, difficulties and abuses that they have experienced in Iran. These workshops provide a platform for LGBT individuals awaiting asylum an opportunity to engage with others in similar situations, built support networks and learn from each other experiences.

The feedback gathered from participants show that there is dire need to educate Iranian LGBTs and provide accurate information not only about the refugee process but also about the challenges many of these individuals face day-to-day while waiting for their refugee application to be approved.

The majority of Iranian LGBT asylum seekers are located in Denizli and Eskisehir, Turkey.

The immediate outcomes of IRQR’s fieldwork are:

1. To educate of Iranian LGBT individuals on the resources and supports available to them while awaiting resettlement in Turkey;

2. To strengthen the capacity amongst the Iranian LGBT refugee community in Turkey waiting for resettlement to support themselves and each other, particularly those who have recently arrived in Turkey, throughout the resettlement process. This will specifically include information on ensuring good mental and physical health, life skills for living in a new culture and online communication; and

3. To raise awareness of the plight of LGBT individuals in Iran and Turkey, through social media and public education.

IRQR’s Expertise
IRQR is in contact with a large number of refugees in Turkey and it is main resource for LGBT refugees. Communications take place in the refugees’ own language – mostly in Farsi. IRQR is aware of their unique situation and condition that they were faced in Iran and is able to provide them more personal and goal oriented feedbacks and consultations.

The cost of the project is:

Travel: $1700
Accommodation: $680
Workshop venue and equipment’s for four days: $1620
Printing and materials: $600
Refreshments: $400
Total: 5000

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