Beneficiary name: Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees Account Number: 5007374 Branch (Transit) Number: 12202 Institution Number: 004 Bank SWIFT Code: TDOMCATTTOR Branch Address: TD Canada Trust, Village Centre, 65 Wellesley Street East. Toronto, Ontario, M4Y1G7
Cheques are payable to: Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees P.O.Box 72604 Greenwin Sq. PO Toronto, ON M4W 3S9

Join IRQR Emergency Fund for Refugees

IRQR Mission is to assist persecuted LGBT Iranians seeking asylum to find refuge to live free and equal in dignity and rights. Our vision is to provide education, guidance, and support to LGBT individuals making asylum claims during their resettlement process.

Join us in this very important cause by making a donation. You may chose different purposes to contribute such as:

Refugee Medical and Basic living Fund (Emergency Fund): This fund is to provide help to those refugees who are in need of medical support as well as basic living expenses such as food, shelter, clothing and transportation to attend their asylum interviews.

In October 2015, Saman, 25, was stabbed to death in his home in Yalova, Turkey. The Turkish police are still investigating the matter but a suspect has been arrested while trying to escape from Turkey to Greece illegally.

On October 30th, 2015, Vahid, 27, was severely stabbed and gang-rapped in Denizli, Turkey. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene after receiving a call from neighbours. He was taken to the hospital and received more than 70 sutures on his buttocks and about 20 on his face and head.

Vahid had experienced discrimination and abuse for most of his life. He fled from family violence in Iran particularly from his father who beat, terrorized and ridiculed him. He lost the vision in his right eye because of his father’s physical abuse. His employer found out about his sexual orientation as well and he became a victim of sexual abuse. His mother asked him to swear on the Quran that he was not a homosexual; which he did to avoid upsetting her. Despite this, his father forced him to leave home since he was dishonouring the family. He escaped Iran to Turkey in order to avoid a forced marriage arranged by his family. He was not safe in Iran and now in Turkey he is burdened with significant financial problems. He has been unable find a good job because of his blindness so was working as a labourer carrying heavy fabric bolts resulting in back pain.

Due to the gay bashing, he is no longer able to work and is very vulnerable emotionally and physically. With support of our valued contributors, IRQR was able to pay his hospital bills, medical expenses and covered his rent for a few months because he was just close to become a homeless as well.

There are many people like Vahid who are living in a very critical situation. However, our financial resources are limited and we can not help all of them. We need your help to support these victims and vulnerable refuges with their basic needs through their recovery.

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