Help Nine Refugee Kids to Go to School

I’ve recently returned from a 16-day trip to Turkey as part of my regular visits on behalf of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees. (Read my report here) I’ve met many LGBT refugees and their situation is heartbreaking. However, something else grabbed my attention more than anything in this trip.

There were several LGBT refugees who were forced to get married because they were not out with their families. Unfortunately, they had to leave their countries of origin (mostly Iran and Afghanistan) when their sexual orientation revealed. As a result, they have escaped to Turkey and currently are seeking asylum.

Most of them are with their kids. In my opinion, those kids are the most vulnerable refugees since they had nothing to do with their parent’s sexual orientation, their decision to get married and why they had to escape. T

hey were abandoned by the non-LGBT partner for having “gay gene“. They are now living with their LGBT parents in Turkey where they are facing several challenges such as language barriers, lack of education and financial issues.

In my recent trip to Turkey, I have decided to use your donations to buy school materials for one of these kids. I bought a lot of stationaries and educational stuffs for only $150. I wish you were there to see how thrilled that kid was to see all of those stuffs. We had a conversation and he promised me to be always a top student at his class.

I invite you to join me in this wonderful campaign and help 9 kids who are in the same situation. I estimated that we need $350 for each kids to provide school materials, clothing and school registrations for these kids and help them to go to school in this September.


Make a Donation, Share with your friends and families and be part of this noble cause. 


Your Cooperatively, 

Arsham Parsi

Executive Director

Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees