IRQR is a registered charity in Canada. IRQR assists asylum seeking LGBT  with finding refuge and provide them with the opportunity for a new chance at life. We do this by providing education, guidance and support to individuals in making asylum claims outside of Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and assist them throughout the resettlement process.  

The Need

Under Islamic Republic of Iran law, LGBT face systemic persecution and are deemed to be criminals just for being who they are. As a result they face prosecution and punishment ranging from flogging to the death penalty. Many undergo forced sex changes to avoid the death penalty.

As a result, many LGBTs flee to save their lives, leaving their family, friends, love ones and everything else behind.

Canadian Charitable Number: 848606067RR0001 (Click Here to See IRQR profile on Canada Revenue Agency

A Refugee’s Journey

The most common place Iranian LGBT flee to is to Turkey where they seek aslym from the UNHCR. Today the resettlement process, administered by the UNHCR, can take up to 3 years where in the past it was 10-14 months.

Until they have official documentation, asylum seekers are in limbo: they face the daily fear of being arrested or deportation, and face many other challenges. They must find a job to survive, put a roof over their heads, and survive without a social support system, as most make this journey for freedom alone they mostly have little or no money. That is where IRQR seeks to help.

The long wait for resettlement to a new home, free from persecution, bears a heavy toll on refugees. IRQR provides guidance about the resettlement process and enable individuals to plan and anticipate the challenges ahead. Applicants are guided through the process by members of IRQR who have come from similar situations. This support is vital to the physical and mental wellbeing of the applicants throughout the process, and helps ensure better integration and chances of success in their new life.

Although our goal is to help 100% of our applicants, some of them do not make it through the process. Some succumb to the harsh realities of mental illness and take their own lives; unable to survive the arduous circumstances claimants are forced to go through.


Our mission is to relieve poverty for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) refugees living in Turkey by providing the basic necessities of life; and to undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purpose

Our vision is to provide education, guidance, and food and shelter assistance to LGBT refugees while living in Turkey until they are resettled in a safe country.

Our values are:
Compassion – We provide exceptional services to our clients with empathy, sensitivity and understanding.
Integrity – We act in a professional and ethical manner to provide exceptional services.
Continuous Improvement – We have the desire to develop and incorporate ways to improve services.
Dedication – We strive to realize positive results to ensure LGBT individuals achieve asylum.
Trust – We foster trust and community among LGBTs to bolster the pillars of the Iranian queer railroad.


We have plans to improve the situation of LGBT refugees.  Join us to give refugees a new chance at life.

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Join us to help LGBT refugees trapped by the Ban

This fund will provide immediate and necessary aid to LBGT refugees trapped in Turkey by

Refugee Stages

IRQR provides guidance and assistance at three different stages of the refugee process:

Pre-UNHCR Decision

IRQR responds to individual inquires made at the pre-UNHCR decision process. Individuals are provided with resources

Post-UNHCR Decision

IRQR gives assistance during all stages of the UNHCR process. IRQR provides guidance and consultation, preparations


We assist with the completion of  immigration forms, counseling for the immigration interview, expediting the embassy’s processing of


It is a big opportunity to work with us saving LGBT refugee lives. We cordially offer you for becoming a life saver of LGBT refugees and help to keep them safe.

Bronze & Silver Plans $30-50/Month
  • Food for 1 week
  • Medical for 1 week
  • Tax-deductible Receipt
Gold & Platinum Plan $100-150/Month
  • Food for 1 month
  • Medical for 1 month
  • Tax-deductible Receipt
Emerald & Diamond Plans $200-250/Month
  • Shelter for 1 month
  • Food for 1 month
  • Tax-deductible Receipt



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How to Donate and Get Tax-Deductible Receipts in Canada, USA and Germany

IRQR is a registered charity in Canada and also has obtained the 501(c)(3) status in the United States of America through partnership with the Tides Foundation. IRQR is also a partner with the Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation in Germany. Therefore, if you are living in Canada, USA or Germany, your donations are 100% tax-deductible. As IRQR responds to the growing number of individuals seeking asylum from fear and persecution, so too must our resources available to help them. IRQR relies on the support of donors, predominately from the LGBT community to carry out our work. Canadian Charitable Number: 848606067RR0001 In Germany, please contact Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation to find out how to make a donation for IRQR and get tax receipt. Please visit IRQR Website to find out how to make a donation through Tides Foundation for IRQR. You can make a contribution to help save an LGBT refugee’s life here.


Contact Info

  • P.O.Box 72604 Greenwin Sq. PO, Toronto, ON, M4W 3S9 Canada
  • +1-416-985-7456
  • info@irqr.ca